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Still do not want to eat any rice after two and a half weeks of avoiding it. So, it’s pasta again for dinner.

From top to bottom: Spaghetti with asparagus and onions in tomato sauce, soya milk, and peanut glutinous rice balls.


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A friend said this biscuit is very nice so I went to try. But really disgusting. It’s really salty.

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New York New York

Ice cream and deep fried mushrooms for dinner. Haha.

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Pizza Hut

Mushroom baked pasta and Trio cheese pizza.

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The Ship

Went there to celebrate a friend’s brithday. The food is quite salty (even for someone who prefer strong tasty food like me).

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Pizza hut

They didn’t sell my favourite cheesy lava so I had to try this Twist and Dunk. Turns out that nachos doesn’t really suit pizza. 😦

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Ate at KFC for dinner tonight. Yummy!!! Then ate a Magnum White for dessert

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