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Still do not want to eat any rice after two and a half weeks of avoiding it. So, it’s pasta again for dinner.

From top to bottom: Spaghetti with asparagus and onions in tomato sauce, soya milk, and peanut glutinous rice balls.


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My Lunchbox 5

Fried pasta with tomato sauce, eggs, onions and mixed vegetables. Tastes just like the Japanese Omu Rice.

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Yes, that is the stall’s name. It is located at Level 1 of IMM beside the stall that sells vegetarian Dim Sum. The spaghetti is really tasty and the price is good too. 🙂

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Set meal with mushroom cream, garlic bread and tofu bolognaise.

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Secret Recipe

Raspberry drink and Lime juice.

Vegetarian spaghetti.

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Have been to Ikea quite a number of times recently so these are what I’ve eaten during my visits there.

I’ve forgotten what that luminous green thing is called but just want to comment that it’s really too sweet.

As always, the vegetarian spaghetti and Daim cake again. Hahaha… I also tried the lemon jelly which my colleague recommended and was quite disappointed with it because I don’t really like soft jellies. I prefer konnyaku type of jellies. 😛

By the way, I just found out from Ikea’s website that there’s quite a few items that we can order when I was trying to find out the name of the green colored roll on the first picture. Click here for the vegetarian menu.

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Pine nut and mushroom rice. Quite nice. Taste very similar to vegetarian fried rice but with pine nuts instead of those vegetarian ham bits.

Aglio Olio. Quite nice. More garlic so smells and tastes better than the one we had at Swensens (IMM).

Desserts! My favourite chocolate mousse and strawberry bavarese. Yum yumm…

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