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Mushroom bruschetta

Slightly soft but still tasty, homemade bruschetta


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Grilled ginko nuts. Hehe.. the ginko nuts are SY’s secret recipe! 😛

Coleslaw with Century Egg. Yummy!!~~~

Grilled mushrooms. Hehe.. did you see that the first button mushroom is so shrunken?

Needle mushrooms cooked with garlic and margarine, salt and black pepper. The topped with bacon bits (Not real bacon ;)).

Chocolate mint cake. Kinda taste like cake with toothpaste. Hahaha..

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Black fungus appetizer. Quite nice. 🙂

Other than the above, I’ve already posted the pics of the other dishes we ordered before, which are the mock sharks fin soup, honey pork ribs, and fried abalone mushrooms.

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Mock duck (??). Sorry, I can’t remember what this is called now although I can remember how great it was! haha.. crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. :P~~~

Century egg appetizer. It has vinegar and garlic sauce. Tasted excellent! Love the garlic bits especially. 😛

Ee-fu noodles.

Steamed egg. The steamed egg is so smooth and the mushroom sauce above matches the egg so well.

Fermented tofu claypot. It smells great if you like fermented tofu. 😉

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Another collection of photos taken quite some time ago.

This dish does not have a name yet when we tried it. The chef said we were the first customers to try it. It’s quite nice, sort of like friend prawn balls.

Spring rolls. Nice crispy skin.

Seaweed soup.

Brinjal claypot. The sauce is nice but I think the brinjal is too overcooked and mushy.

Indonesian prawns. I haven’t tried non-vegetarian Indonesian prawns so I can’t compare with it but to me, this curry is very delicious! We have ordered this at least five times. Haha..

Stir fried vegetables.

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Here’s a collection of what we have tried on our numerous visits to this restaurant during the past few months.

Kakiage. Hehe.. I love fried crispy stuff. 😛

Mixed vegetables teppanyaki. Nice because they put garlic in it. Hehe..

Japanese rosti. Rosti has always been my favourite in Marche since my non-veg days and this Japanese version is even tastier! Eat with lots of cream and onions!!

Mushroom omelette. The egg is slightly sweet. Nice savoury dish. 🙂

Crepes. Hmmmm.. don’t really like the sweet red bean paste. Anyway, I am not a fan of red bean.

Mixed mushrooms tempura. This is excellent! I like the golden needle mushrooms especially.

Haha, I’ve forgotten what the other drink next to the green tea is already. 😛 (Btw, I have also tried the macha drink too and it was disgusting!! It has thick green tea powder that floats into the throat as you try to swallow it. Yucks!!)

Red bean with glutinous rice balls. And as I mentioned above, I am not a fan of red bean. So.. I only like the rice balls.

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Kung Po mock chicken. Overall, it’s quite nice but I felt that the best Kung Po sauce is from Mai Zhi Su (BB)’s Kung Po mock prawns.

Fried abalone mushrooms. This remain one of my favourite dish and I still love it best from this restaurant although other restaurants serve this dish too.

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