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Breakfast at Changi Airport’s foodcourt and in-flight meal.


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Many CDs, VCDs & DVDs from HK

All twenty of them here!!! 😀 Thanks to my friend SW for helping me get most of them. 😉

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Some newly bought old cds

Reissue versions

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Joey's birthday party

Hehe, last Saturday, the JY6 fan club members had a BBQ to celebrate Joey’s birthday in advance (without her) haha… It was fun, had lots of food and this is my first time eating Barbequed broccoli that was so hard and dry! Hahahaha… The chicken wings looked really good though 😛

Ok, here’s the agar-agar birthday cake for Joey.

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Haha another one!

At the suggestion of my husband, I decided to stick a photo of Joey on my kitchen cabinet, which stores the tasty instant noodles, as well. And my husband will buy a bottle peanut butter this weekend to test whether the talisman on the refridgerator door will work successfully. (it is void of margarine, kaya, condensed milk or peanut butter currently because i finished them all recently) Haha…

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My husband saw this selling for only $1 at the petrol station so he bought this for me. Haha… Or maybe he wants to look at the photos but pretended to say that he got it for me? Hahaha…

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My talisman

Hahaha… This is to prevent myself from the temptation of peanut butter or whatever sugary snacks in the fridge.

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