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Breakfast at Changi Airport’s foodcourt and in-flight meal.


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Momo veg

Went to pardesh for dinner just now. Actually I’ve been there at least twice a week till now but too lazy to post here since it’s most the same curries. Today, we tried the momo vegetables because the owner’s wife recommended it. Turned out that it is like Chinese “饺子” (dumpling). Only the filling was different. They contained curry-flavoured mixed vegetables (potato, cabbage, carrot and green pea). The chili sauce is really spicy. Both of us didn’t quite like this dish.

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Pardesh Restaurant

Had lunch and dinner at this restaurant yesterday. Yes, it is really so good that I miss not eating there during weekdays.

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Indian food from canteen

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My lunchbox 128

I love Indian food!! Have been to Pardesh four times and had two takeaways from it in 1.5 weeks! Hahaha. Yummy!!! Just reminds me of the tasty indian food in New Zealand. Hehe…

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Pardesh Restaurant & Cafe

Hahaha.. yeah, i went back to the same Indian restaurant that I had my lunch yesterday for dinner tonight. Yes, the food is really that good and I couldn’t wait till the coming weekend to go there again! hehehehee… so, here’s what we ordered tonight.


Vegetable bryani

Paneer makhni. This curry is even more delicious than the Kadai paneer that we had last night. (paneer = Indian cheese)

Shahi navaratan korma. The same curry we ordered yesterday but the color looked paler. Nevertheless, it tasted just as good. 🙂

Garlic cheese naan. This smells better than the Garlic butter naan we had yesterday.

Price is cheap, no extra service charge.

P/S: I also ordered takeaway for tommorow’s lunch. HEHEHE!!!! YUMSS!!!!

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Indian food

Last Sunday, we wanted to get some soy beancurd at Short Street when we saw that an Indian restaurant just opened next door. So, we took a look at the menu and decided to go for Indian food instead. Wow!!! I’m glad to announce here that the food is really delicious and the price is very reasonable! And best of all, they have “sweet” curry! YAYYY!!!!

Crispy popadom with mint sauce. Nice.. 🙂

I can’t remember the exact name but it is a mixed vegetable korma with cashew nut gravy. Excellent!! I love slightly sweet, creamy curry!!!! Will definitely go back to this restaurant this weekend. I am already dreaming about it now  :P~~~

Kadai paneer. Indian cheese curry with tomato and onion paste. Very nice too!

Vegetarian bryani. Also two thumbs up!!

Cheese and butter naan. Yummy!!!!

For all these, it only costs $22.60. Good value!! The place is clean and air-conditioned too. 😉

P/S: I am so happy that I can finally find some nice sweet curries in Singapore!!! hahahahaa…although the Sagun stall in Queenstown, NZ remains at the top spot.

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