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Breakfast at Changi Airport’s foodcourt and in-flight meal.


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Hehe.. finally have some time to blog about this. Yes, it has been twelve days after the concert and I am still crazy about Joey!

I attended the concert as a loyal Sammi fan and thought I would probably be bored at Joey’s concert since I expected her to sing slow songs such as 一拍两散 and 我的骄傲. Never once did I expect that Joey can dance! To my surprised, I was so captivated by her dance performances! WOOOOOO!!!!!

And, I really have to say, Joey can dance better than Sammi! (Maybe because Sammi is getting old :P).

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that I got the opportunity to shake Joey’s hand too! Hehe.. her fingers felt like those from wax statue since I could not feel the knuckles.. My husband even joked that she probably used a fake hand to let fans shake her hand so that she don’t have to touch everyone’s hand and get contaminated with germs. And I was awed that she took the time and effort to shake each hand because I noticed that Sammi was quite afraid to shake everyone’s hand during her previous concert in Singapore.

Go to http://picasaweb.google.com/veggiebun/JoeyStarlightGenting to view the photos that we took at the concert.

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Show Mi Blu-ray Disc

Should I buy online from Yesasia? Or wait till my colleague goes to HK during the Christmas holidays to help me get it? Well, she can’t promise to get it since she is not going there for shopping. And the price difference will only be about SGD 5. If I order now, I would be able to get it around next week….

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Show Mi Singapore

Actually, I wasn’t as excited as I was compared to N-years ago when I first attended Sammi’s concert in KL. Nevertheless, I am really happy that Sammi’s back!!!

I went to the concert with SY and although she is not a fan, she said it’s nice and she didn’t waste $170 paying for the ticket. But then again, she could be lying to avoid getting bashed by other Sammi fans (including me!). Hahaha…

This is the clearest photo I took using my handphone.

That’s me, with Mi on me. Tsk..tsk..tsk.. need to go on diet!!!

The whole show is great!!! I love every bit of it…except the song “Chek Ji”. Hmmmm.. not so nice.

Oh yeah, another highlight of the night for me was that… I shook Sammi’s hand. Hehehe… people may say this is a dream come true for me but actually this is not my dream at all. My dream is to attend Sammi’s concert in the HK Coliseum. Sigh… Because of my studies, I did not manage to go to HK in May this year to watch her concert. *Sob sob*

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