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Is Santa coming yet?


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Cat chips

Saw this cat just now at the NTUC Fairprice neighbourhood store. 🙂

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I'm sooooo fast….

Actually the silly cat wasn’t running fast, but my phone’s camera has slow reaction time.. 😛

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I'm right here waiting for you…

This funny cat meowed at me to open the lift lobby door. When I opened the door, it went in immediately and meowed at the lift door. So, I pressed the button and when the lift door opened, it went in immediately. Since I don’t know which flat it was living in, I just pressed level 2 to try. Then, when the lift door opened again, the cat went out immediately and looked at the flat unit on the left but the flat’s door was shut. So it quickly came back into the lift. Then I went back to the 1st floor and out went the cat… hehe… Too bad, I didn’t manage to help it find its home.

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Silly Cat

I don’t know its name nor gender but it is definitely very funny. Funny because it always follows people into lifts and travels around the block on its own. It once followed us into the lift and accidentally when into our neighbours house! And, my shocked neighbours kept screaming and trying to get it out of their house.. Hahahaha…

Here it is posing sexily at the lift lobby.

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