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Arrived at Hong Kong international airport at around noon
and bought the Three international roaming SIM card o use in HK.
It’s only HKD 98. Data usage is charged HKD 2 per MB and capped at
HKD 28 per day. Inserted the new SIM card right away at the airport
and took the airport shuttle bus A41 to my hotel at Shatin.

P/S: I used the iPhone app called Trip Journal to logged the places
visited. 🙂


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Many CDs, VCDs & DVDs from HK

All twenty of them here!!! 😀 Thanks to my friend SW for helping me get most of them. 😉

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Got three out of four G-Force stamps from The Cathay cinema. One more to go to complete the set. 🙂

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The Lost Symbol

Bought this today with 20% discount so only cost $38.52. Still wish they had paperback though. Cheaper and lighter.

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Bought a new game just now. Hope it is as interesting as the first Professor Layton game. 🙂

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Japanese series

Bought two Japanese series today. Both Boss and Mr.Brain are recommended by SY. Going to watch them to practise my listening skills. 😉

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Haha another one!

At the suggestion of my husband, I decided to stick a photo of Joey on my kitchen cabinet, which stores the tasty instant noodles, as well. And my husband will buy a bottle peanut butter this weekend to test whether the talisman on the refridgerator door will work successfully. (it is void of margarine, kaya, condensed milk or peanut butter currently because i finished them all recently) Haha…

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