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2010 Resolutions!

1. Work hard and play hard.
2. Save money.
3. Spend thriftily.
4. Only one overseas holiday next year.
5. Maintain weight between 50-55kg.
6. Pass CFA Level 2.
7. Sign up and pass JLPT N3.
8. Go to gym at least thrice per week.
9. Cook my own meals.
10. Bake at least once per month.


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Year 2010 will be here in one and a half months’ time. Let’s see what I have and have not achieved so far…

1. Continue to eat healthily – less junk, more fruits & veggies
– (I would say maybe 60% of the time)

2. Cook my own food – unless it is a special occasion
– (maybe about 60% of the time)

3. Learn to bake – cookies, cakes, pastry and bread
– (ah, this would be around 40%)

4. Pass JLPT L3 – study according to plan
– (did not study according to plan most of the time which means I am still far away from my goal… 0%)

5. Pass CFA L1 – study according to plan
– (did not study according to plan but managed to pass so would be 100%)

6. Sleep early – before 12am
– maybe about 40%

7. Work hard at work – no surfing internet unnecessarily

8. Go to the gym at least thrice weekly – maintain weight between 50-55kg
– 99% (did overshoot to 56kg at some point in around Sept)

9. Spend thriftily and do not exceed budget

10. ENJOY EVERYTHING I DO EVERYDAY! Hahaha… this part is the easiest to achieve
– Not everyday.. 😦

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Hehe… I am really very surprised and can’t believed that I managed to pass my CFA Level 1 exams! I was so slow in my studies and understanding much of anything because the materials and topics are totally new to me. One day before the exam on June 7th, 2009, I took the CFAI mock test and got about 50% only. I knew that I need to get at least 70% and above to pass and became very demoralized. By night, I had wanted to quit and felt that I shouldn’t waste anymore time going to the exam. But, after much thought, I felt that I would regret not even trying the exam papers. And since I have already paid for the exam, I might as well go for it and see which “band” I will be in.

I was so sure that I failed the exam and I even treated my colleague who made a bet with me to lunch for losing wager so that I could bribe her to allow me to “borrow” Joey Yung’s Mandarin CD from my husband. Haha.. 😀 Now that I had passed the exam, I have the right to buy the CD myself, without having to borrow it from my husband. Hehe… (Btw, Joey’s new Mandarin CD will be out on Aug 13, 2009.)

So now, I am wondering whether should I continue with Level 2 exam? Or should I just quit here?????

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McDonald’s Singapore’s FAQ

Since recently, there are so many comments about McDonald’s fries and hashbrown in my blog post , I am posting the “conclusion” of the discussion here.

The fries and hashrowns in McDonald’s in Singapore is suitable for vegetarian and so are their burgers without the meat patty. So glad that what I ate are vegetarian and I can continue going to McD hehee.. because Joey advertises for McD HK.. haha… 😀

Oh, in case you are wondering who Joey is, she is Joey Yung. See her McDelivery videos HERE.

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Bazi books

Bought some Joey Yap books to study the art of Bazi reading because I am too bored during weekends.

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Some newly bought old cds

Reissue versions

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My lunchbox 129

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