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Still do not want to eat any rice after two and a half weeks of avoiding it. So, it’s pasta again for dinner.

From top to bottom: Spaghetti with asparagus and onions in tomato sauce, soya milk, and peanut glutinous rice balls.


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Mushroom bruschetta

Slightly soft but still tasty, homemade bruschetta

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JCo donuts

Really tasty!!! And so soft!!!

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Breakfast and lunch

At foodcourt in T3 and inflight meal. Didn’t take any photos during return trip.

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Food in HK (part 2)

Instant noodles with two fried eggs.

Mmmmmm.. this French toast is heavenly! We poured lots of syrup on it.. haha..

Mango dessert with black glutinous rice and coconut cream.. I felt that the flavor are too contrasting.

Mango dessert with glutinous rice balls and mango ice cream. Nice but would have been nicer if only I ate in in SG and not during winter in HK.

Peach pudding with flowing milk cream. But the cream didn’t flow at all and the pudding is too bland.

Stir fried veggies with garlic.. for my dinner with rice.

Another stir fried veggies but this one is with fermented beancurd.

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Food in HK (part 1)

Bread… some with raisins and some with choc chips. Soft and warm! Ah….

Vegetarian lasagne… too much tomato paste… too salty.. but love the generous serving of cheese 🙂

Stir fried vegetables with garlic and butter.. Quite nice..

Fried mochi with cheese filling! This is really good! :P~~~

French toast is quite good but the other toast has too little condensed milk.

Vegetable Thai green curry… very spicy!!

Yummy noodles… 🙂 Forgotten the name but the noodles are crispy type.

Polo bun and yun yong! :P~~~

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