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A friend said this biscuit is very nice so I went to try. But really disgusting. It’s really salty.


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Wanton Noodles

Noodles too salty! Wanton too many!!! I think I made more than 50 of them because I used the whole packet of wanton skins. Scary!!!

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Oreo cheesecake

I made Oreo Cheesecake (no bake JelloTurned out quite bad. I think I misread the instructions by adding the Oreo crumbs before I beat up the “jello”. Tastewise, it wasn’t as good as the strawberry jam cheesecake.

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My lunchbox 58

Stir fried taglietelle. Over cooked. So became sticky

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My lunchbox 45

Quite disgusting..,

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Made a salad from a type of seaweed my mom gave me with onion, pineapple and blanched beansprouts. After my horrifying experience with beansprouts, I heeded my mom’s advice that I blanch them quickly. The beansprouts are cooked perfectly but the seaweeds are really weird. It is not crunchy and chewy as I had expected. Instead, the texture is similar to cheap agar-agar. Yucks. So I’ve decided to throw away the other half of the seaweeds left.

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Disgusting pasta

Remember my previous pasta for dinner? Well I made the same last night but upping the amount of chili paste turned out really bad!!! Yucks!!!

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