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Arrived at Hong Kong international airport at around noon
and bought the Three international roaming SIM card o use in HK.
It’s only HKD 98. Data usage is charged HKD 2 per MB and capped at
HKD 28 per day. Inserted the new SIM card right away at the airport
and took the airport shuttle bus A41 to my hotel at Shatin.

P/S: I used the iPhone app called Trip Journal to logged the places
visited. 🙂


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Joey's birthday party

Hehe, last Saturday, the JY6 fan club members had a BBQ to celebrate Joey’s birthday in advance (without her) haha… It was fun, had lots of food and this is my first time eating Barbequed broccoli that was so hard and dry! Hahahaha… The chicken wings looked really good though 😛

Ok, here’s the agar-agar birthday cake for Joey.

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The Bet

I’m going to start working hard for the Level 1 CFA program exam. The exam ticket is out. Exam is on June 7, 2009 at Singapore Expo Hall 3.

I’m currently lagging behind and it is definitely an uphill battle to overcome my addiction to the Internet, facebook and recently Twitter. I told WE about this and we made a bet. That if I do not pass the exam, I am not allowed to buy Joey Yung’s upcoming Mandarin album and also not allowed to download it. So, I must try my very best to win this bet!!!

Now, my plan is to cut out time-wasting activities like reading newspapers, surfing the internet and participating in Joey’s forums, twitting and replying to comments and messages on facebook. I’m now setting a stricter rule for myself. I’ll be allowed to “waste time” for only 30 minutes per day and that is if I have finished studying and progressing according to my study plan. If I don’t, I’ll have to use this 30 minutes allocation for my studies instead.

Ok, that’s all. GOOD LUCK to myself and everyone taking the CFA program exams 😉

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Hahahaha…. I do not have any wisdom left. Oops, I meant wisdom teeth. Haha. So happy and relieved!

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No photographs allowed during gathering. So these are the only photos. 😛

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Hehe!!! I’m so excited to join all the fans to cheer together! Hahaha

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