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The wassant (chocolate, kaya and cream) are so tasty!!! freshly out of the oven, they are so soft and still warm!!!

But, the round Brazillian cheese bun and mayo egg bread are not good. Hard and cold.


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Got three out of four G-Force stamps from The Cathay cinema. One more to go to complete the set. 🙂

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Tang Dian Wang (Suntec)

Only the bread crumbs fried tofu is very good. The others are just ok, including the steamed milk

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Boon Tong Kee

Relatives visited and wanted to eat chicken rice. So we went to the famous Boon Tong Kee restaurant at Bukit Timah. Had white rice, mushroom and broccoli and fried tofu with mayonaise. The fried tofu is really tasty when eaten with lots of mayonaise. Crispy in the outside and soft in the inside.

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Spring Garden KLCC

Lao Sar Bao – The flowing custard buns. This is the reason why I have to go to Spring Garden whenever I go to KL. The savoury filling is so tasty.. Yums… :P~~~ (Costs RM12 per rack of three small buns.)

Fried yam ring. This is also my favourite! Haven’t found better tasting one elsewhere yet.

Braised ee fu noodles (with dried shredded scallop omitted by request). Love this as well.

Luo Han Zai. Mixed veggies which include broccoli, carrot, corn, button mushroom, white & black fungus and beancurd skin.

Glutinous rice balls in coconut milk. YUCKS!!! Don’t order this unless you like drinking tasteless coconut cream.

Not sure what this is called but the “cups” were very crispy and contained stir fried vegetables. Quite nice. My only complaint is that I have to get rid of the mock ham.

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Ate at KFC for dinner tonight. Yummy!!! Then ate a Magnum White for dessert

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The Lost Symbol

Bought this today with 20% discount so only cost $38.52. Still wish they had paperback though. Cheaper and lighter.

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