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Tonight’s dinner

Fried rice and tofu dish that my husband cooked fir dinner tonight. :P~~~


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My lunchbox 120

Bread with Goober grape peanut butter and apple

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Haha another one!

At the suggestion of my husband, I decided to stick a photo of Joey on my kitchen cabinet, which stores the tasty instant noodles, as well. And my husband will buy a bottle peanut butter this weekend to test whether the talisman on the refridgerator door will work successfully. (it is void of margarine, kaya, condensed milk or peanut butter currently because i finished them all recently) Haha…

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My lunchbox 119


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My husband saw this selling for only $1 at the petrol station so he bought this for me. Haha… Or maybe he wants to look at the photos but pretended to say that he got it for me? Hahaha…

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Fried kway teow

My husband’s cooking skill is improving haha.. This is what he cooked for dinner tonight. Really good!!! I’m not lying. I don’t have to since he doesn’t read this blog. 😉

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My talisman

Hahaha… This is to prevent myself from the temptation of peanut butter or whatever sugary snacks in the fridge.

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