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Wanton Noodles

Noodles too salty! Wanton too many!!! I think I made more than 50 of them because I used the whole packet of wanton skins. Scary!!!


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Indian breakfast

One of my favorite breakfasts on weekends.

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My lunchbox 107

Royal white bread and my favourite Goober chocolate

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Iced chocolate and copa banana donut :P~~

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We chose the vegetarian spicy soup base and the herbal chicken soup. I ate only from the vegetarian side. 😉 Nice! Didn’t know there is vegetarian mala steamboat until today. The chili sauce mixed with peanut sauce is superb!

Love the desserts as well. Our raspberry ice cream is not shown here though. Haha forgot to take a photo of it.

Oh, and we got a durian Oreo cake from Goodwood Park Hotel to celebrate EL’s birthday. :P~~~

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New cover for my phone

I bought a new black cover for my phone a few weeks ago to replace my old light pink cover since it was getting loose.
But, it was quite depressing to use a black colored cover. Therefore, I decided that I need to get another cover of my favorite color, PINK! haha…

TADA!!! the covers arrived by mail today..

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My lunchbox 106

Stir fried cauliflower, French beans etc

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