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My JLPT L4 results

Got a pleasant surprise when I saw the word “PASSED” on the result slip. Haha. Was expecting to fail the exam since I haven’t even finished studying for the Level 4 syllabus. Even my husband also said, “Like that also can pass??!!”, because he truly know how lazy and “last minute hugging Buddha’s feet” I was before the exam. (Meant: Burning the midnight oil)

The results:
Writing-Vocabulary: 80/100
Listening: 71/100
Reading-Grammar: 139/200
Total: 290/400

(Requires only 60% or 240 to pass)

And “Omedetou gozaimasu” to SY who scored very well in this test! Let’s work hard together for level 3. 😉


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My lunchbox 80

This is the first time I try cooking with celery becuase I am not fond of it’s smell. When I first at this dish it felt weird. But it gets better. Not bad.

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My lunchbox 79

Fried kway teow from non-veg stall. Uses Vegetable oil, in case you are wondering. Very delicious but oily!!

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My lunchbox 78

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My lunchbox 77

Stir fried taglietelle

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My lunchbox 76

Stir fried winged-beans and French beans with sambal, and corn from corn soup. Hehe too troublesome to keep in a different container so I cut them out. 😉

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My lunchbox 75

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