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Spring roll

I made Vietnamese rice paper spring rolls with sesame sauce for dinner tonight. They are really tasty and so much better than I had expected since this is my first try.


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Stir fried taglietelle

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I’m planning to buy this joystick for upcoming game HAWX as surprise for my husband.. hehe…Nice? And Red Alert also… hmm. which to buy?

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My lunchbox 61

Bak kut teh with my favourite yew char kway. Yummy!!!

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More books!

Finally decided to get Schweser Essential Solutions package to prepare for the CFA program exams instead of relying on the textbooks. I realized there is no way I can finish studying the textbooks so I paid $732.95 to get the Schweser study guides. Hopefully they are worth paying for.

Notice the difference between the thickness of the two piles of books? (Left-Schweser books; Right-CFAI textbooks)

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My lunchbox 60

Tom yum

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My lunchbox 59

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