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Watercress soup

Very good when eaten with chopped chili and soya sauce


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Indonesian Rendang

We initially ate the vegetable rendang (in first photo) with a plate of white rice each. However, it is so delicious that we couldn’t resist the temptation of the other portion that is supposed to be eaten for lunch tomorrow. Hehehe… So I boiled some taglietelle and ate them with rendang. It is really delicious and heavenly. Way better than any other curries that I have cooked before. Haha in case you thought that my skills had improved, I actually used the Brahim’s Indonesian Rendang paste

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Aglio olio

Today’s lunch

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Wow! People living in US are really so lucky to have Black Friday sales! And fortunately for me, I have a friend there who will be returning to SG in January and can bring the games I’ve bought for me!! THANK YOU!!! hahaha…

Here’s what I had ordered from Amazon.com

(Prices in USD)

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Only 8 days left and I am only at Lesson 7. I am supposed to finish 12 lessons from the book and memorize all the vocabulary and grammar for JLPT 4 but have not have enough concentration! YikES!!!!

Anyway, I have thought about this and decided that I will continue to study for JLPT 3 next year if I fail this test. I am so motivated because I want to play these cool Japanese games. Haha..

1. Shiseido Beaty Center US$ 48.90
2. Wagamam Fashion Gals Mode $48.90

And I already have several more which I have yet learnt how to play them! 😛
I think I will order them after my test… Or even earlier if my hands get too itchy and I need to click on something.. haha.. It’s Xmas after all….

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My lunchbox 30

Improved version potato tomato dish with silken tofu and parsley! Tastes and smells much better compared to the usual version. 🙂 and french beans stir-fry with ginger, garlic and fermented soy beans paste.

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My lunchbox 29

Steamed ladies fingers and tomatoes with Nyonya chili, and stir-fried kailan.

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