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My lunchbox 18

Fried organic noodles with non-organic kailan and tau pok. :P~~


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We have recovered from furmites

Feipor seems to be enjoying her daily Japanese meal very much and had gained weight 🙂

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My lunchbox 17

Potato and carrot soup with tofu. Turned all thick and murky after being kept overnight. Stir-dried kailan with tomato. Both not so good. Hehehe. But edible lah..

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My lunchbox 16

I find the bittergourd had become less bitter after being kept overnight. Maybe it has absord the sugar from the gravy.

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Learnt this recipe from Mazefang of the Vegetarian Society of SG and tried cooking it tonight. Taste-wise, it is fairly acceptable but the bitter gourd is slightly more bitter than I had expected. I wonder whether blanching the bittergourd slices before cooking them will lessen the bitter taste.

I still have half a bittergourd left in the fridge. My husband said I can use fry them with eggs. Although I have eight eggs left, I wonder whether I should still eat them or throw them away because I suspect they might contain melamine too. Or should I remove dairy and eggs completely after I have finish these eggs??

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My lunchbox 15

Curry taste is good but the potatoes and long beans haven’t been cooked long enough resulting in still hard potatoes and squeaky long beans.

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Today’s dinner

Steamed lady’s fingers with Nyonya chili paste and stir fry french beans. Both are just ok.

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