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My Lunchbox 5

Fried pasta with tomato sauce, eggs, onions and mixed vegetables. Tastes just like the Japanese Omu Rice.


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My Lunchbox 4

Curry which I cooked yesterday but with more sugar. So this tasted better!

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I took a three hour beginner lesson at Mt Hutt. It is scarier than I thought it would be! Fortunately, I fell down only once and wasn’t injured. It was a sunny day, so it was very warm that I have to remove my sweater and scarf. Overall I think it is a fun experience. Everyone should try it at least once in their life. 😉

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Tandoori Palace (Christchurch)

Vegetarian platter onion bhajees, pakora and samosa. Very nice but the platter is too big for two actually.

Cashew nut cream curry with Indian cheese. Yummy savoury and creamy curry. :P~~~

Prawn curry.

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Cafe at Mt Hutt

Vegetable pie and hot chocolate for me. The other pie was my husband’s minced meat pie which he said did not taste as great as my vegetable pie.

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This Korean restaurant has a vegetarian menu.

Green tea.

Bee bin bap. Very nice and tasted different from the one I tried it Santa Clara. Maybe because the sauce here is sweeter.

Omu rice. Rice fried with tomato sauce, wrapped in omelette. Quite nice too.

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Cafe at Hanmer Springs

Hot chocolate and coffee.

Onion and cheese omelette. :P~~

Vegetable soup with toast. The toasts are nice but soup is too watery.

Oh my husband ordered fried chicken. They smell tempting but whenever I think of the eyes of the chicken looking back at me in the videoclip from meat.org, I will not eat them anymore. Had to admit here chicken was my favourite meat.

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