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Transit at Brunei Airport

While waiting at the airport for about 6 hours we bought some food from Starbucks. Both the cheesecake and pasta were just so-so. Not too bad


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Rydges Christchurch

When we arrived at the hotel’s lobby, we were quite worried because the main door was so old and ugly and there were many scractches on the reception counter. When we walked along the corridoor to our room, we noticed that almost all of the doors were very old too!

But, we were pleasantly surprised with our room after we opened the door. The room only cost us NZD143 per night and was very spacious. In fact, too spacious until the tv was quite a distance away from the bed. The toilet was very clean too.

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Airplane food

Food served on Royal Brunei Airlines flight from Singapore to Brunei. It is quite nice actually. 🙂

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My CFA Level 1 Curriculum

The books was delivered today (after three unsuccessful attempt while I was away). I had just finished wrapping them nicely. 😉

There are six books in total where the thinnest has 285 pages and the thickest has 645 pages (excluding the answer pages). It is recommended that candidates spend at least 250 hours studying them. With 9 months till the exam date, it meant that I have to study about 30 hours per week. However, I’m also planning to take the JLPT Level 4 (lowest level) on 7th of December, 2007. So, I only have 6 months to actually prepare for CFA Level 1. It does seem a little impossible to achieve.

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We ate masala thosai masala tea and roti prata for breakfast at the airport. The roti prata is not nice, not even as good as the one from NUS Engin canteen. But the masala thosai is very tasty! Hehe

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Mee goreng

Had mee goreng for dinner just now at Shen Siong foodcourt. It extra spicy today!

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I just signed up and paid USD990 to take the CFA Level 1 exam this morning. The test will be on June 7, 2009. Hopefully I will be able to do well in it. Hehe…

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