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My cutie Fei Por


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Grilled ginko nuts. Hehe.. the ginko nuts are SY’s secret recipe! 😛

Coleslaw with Century Egg. Yummy!!~~~

Grilled mushrooms. Hehe.. did you see that the first button mushroom is so shrunken?

Needle mushrooms cooked with garlic and margarine, salt and black pepper. The topped with bacon bits (Not real bacon ;)).

Chocolate mint cake. Kinda taste like cake with toothpaste. Hahaha..

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Mushroom noodle. Not bad, but I think it is not as nice as the instant vegetarian noodles.

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Dried bamboo shoots

Stir-fry dried bamboo shoots with garlic and mushrooms. This is my favourite dish but my cooking skills are not as good so it is not as tasty as what my mom usually cooked.

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Marina Square foodcourt

I love the tofu ball. Soft and looks so much more delicious in a sphere rather than cubes.

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Received this game almost a month ago but have not tried it till now. I am still addicted with Picross. 😛

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Yes, that is the stall’s name. It is located at Level 1 of IMM beside the stall that sells vegetarian Dim Sum. The spaghetti is really tasty and the price is good too. 🙂

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