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I’ve recently bought three NDS games locally and two games online. 🙂
Here’s the list of what I have bought:

Bought locally:
1. Picross DS – Very addictive! Even better than Sudoku. Played till my eyes couldn’t open anymore each night.. 😀
2. Mario Kart DS – Haven’t tried it yet because I was too busy with Picross.
3. Mario Party DS – Same as no.2

Bought online:
1. Crossword DS – They said it is as good as Picross.
2. Beautiful Letter Training DS – Hehe.. I want to train my kanji writing skills and this game comes with a caligraphy brush stylus!

And I will be collecting my Wii Fit and We Skit tomorrow! Hehee… finally here since pre-ordered in April!


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Mario Kart Wii!!!

Just got the Mario Kart Wii game three days ago and had been playing with it till 2am every night! hahaha… Yes, it is a game which got my husband and I back to Wii (because my husband was hogging the TV to play Call of Duty 4 on PS3). The online race on Wifi is very addictive because once you lost a race, you would want to win back the points you lost. And when you win, you want to win more! hahaha..

Today we will buy another Wii Wheel because currently only one of us can play while the other watch. So tonight both of us can play together.. Wiiiii!!!

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