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Guitar Hero DS

This game is going to be released in summer. Hehe.. I’m so excited that I have been promoting this game earnestly to almost everyone I know. This game comes with the Guitar Hero Grip which is plugged into the GameBoy Advance slot of the Nintendo DS. The extra features not found on the Guitar Hero for Wii or PS3 is that in the battle mode, when your amplifier is on fire, you blow into the NDS mic to put out the fire. And there’s also the under attack mode where you have to sign autographs and can’t play the guitar!

Watch here: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/2233764/7051776


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Social dance

SY and I signed up for social dance and tonight was our first lesson. Before the lesson begun, everyone changed into their dancing shoes except both of us. The ladies, sitting next to us, advised us to buy the shoes from OG (a departmental store). They said it would be much better than wearing sports shoes. However, I doubt this as I can hardly walk while wearing high heels! And I’d only worn them once in my life.

After waitng for a while, our instructor (Mr. Peter Toh) began the lesson with the four beats and basic steps in Cha Cha. They were really hard to follow for someone like me with poor balancing and coordination skills. 😛 My right feet almost stepped onto my left feet several times. Hehe… I couldn’t stop laughing at my own mistakes. Looks like I have to practise hard for the next few days. My brain can’t possibly take in more intructions for the dance steps anymore unless i practise them until they are etched permanently.

So for one and a half hour we practised the basic cha cha front, backward, side,’new York’, half turn and full turn dance steps. It was less tiring than hip hop but I still became sweaty and stinky in the air-conditioned room. Sigh… Does anyone have remedy for BO? I’ll smell even worse next week when our body toning class starts next week, right before our social dance class.

Btw, just in case you are wondering, there are no handsome guys in the class. Only two old men and many ladies who are older than both of us. :p.

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Secret Recipe (IMM)

Banana chocolate and White chocolate macadamia. The WCM is now my favorite cake, surpassing the banana chocolate. :P~~~

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After constant accusation from Dreamy that I have abandoned my beloved Vegetarian Health Food restaurant, I decided to go there again. (Haha.. just joking. It was because I miss the asam fish)

Vegetarian “mutton” bryani. This is very good too. Do give it a try. I think they always maintained their high standards. 😉

My favourite asam fish (comes with white rice and popadam).

Hehe.. How can I possibly not order the world’s best vegetarian char siew, rite? 😛 ($3 for two piece of char siew)

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n.y.d.c. (Suntec City)

Gold Rush. Not sure whether I had remembered its name correctly though. The cheesecake is very creamy but not too sweet. I love the chunky bits of chocholate mixed into the base of the cheesecake. It’s so good that after we ordered a second one. 😀

Iced Mocha.

P/S: This cafe also serves vegetarian pizza and pasta. 🙂

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Mai Zhi Su (BB)

Sharks’ fin soup. I’m glad that I am eating fake ones. Just saw the documentary on Discovery channel last night of how they removed the fins and threw the shark back into the sea to die.

Pomfret with sweet and sour sauce. Looking at this picture is already enough to make me salivate! :P~~ I think I’ll order this dish again this weekend.

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Mai Zhi Su (BB)

Seaweed soup.

Petai fish. Stink bean is my new favourite vegetable. Sauce is sour and spicy. Delicious! Hehe..

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