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Singapore Zoo

Polar bear. One of my favourite animals.

This dog has very beautiful blue eyes.

Ferret. Hehe.. I get to touch it too! Its fur is slightly harder than rabbits’.

Sleepy lion. His hair is quite messy.. haha..

Orang Utan.


White Tiger. It looks like a faded tiger. 😛




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I went to this HK-styled restaurant and saw “Lemon Ribena” on the menu. Since the HK-styled drink Lemon Coke is the coke drink brewed with lemon and ginger, I thought they are brewing the Ribena drink with lemon too. But when my husband came back with the orders, we were laughing madly because this is actually lemon slices and a pack of Ribena drink. 😀

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Mr. Bean

Soya Ice-cream. I love this ice-cream very very much! The taste is so special. :P~~~

Pineapple tart with soya milk. They have several fillings for their tarts but till now I still bought the same pineapple ones because I’m afraid the others might not be as good.

Chocolate and blueberry pancake with soya milk.

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Secret Recipe

Cream of mushroom. Nice.. 🙂

Spicy soup. There’s a hint of curry taste in this soup.

Fries. Hehe.. I usually don’t like fries but this is different as it is quite soft.

Vegetarian fried soba. This may look small but the bowl is actually humongous! But don’t be afraid yet. Haha.. because the fried soba noodles were perched up with lots of fresh vegetable strips below (which it not seen in this picture). Turns out more like a salad bowl instead of the usual fried noodles. 😛

Banana Chocolate. This slice of cake is really big too! Looks good and tastes great! I wish my husband will buy me this cake for my birthday… I want to finish this cake on my own!!! 😛 But then again, I think I will get this for his birthday instead since his birthday comes first which means I get to eat it earlier. Hahaha…

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Soup from Ikea

I have already forgotten what this soup is actually. But I am guessing it is cream of spinach. Haha.. But it’s nice and creamy!

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More food from MZS (BB)

Vinegar “pig” trotters. This is one of our favourite dishes although its quite unhealthy due to the amount of oil used. 🙂

Sate. The mock meat is quite dry but luckily the sate sauce saved the day!

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Vegetable tempura with rice. Just ok. I think the rice is too dry.

Potato croquette. I like the crispy outer layer covering soft mashed potato. But don’t dip into the sauce because I tried it and it isn’t vegetarian based on the fishy taste! Yikes!

Vegetable sushi. Quite nice..

Another type of vegetable sushi. 🙂

Corn sushi. Also nice…

Strawberry ice-cream (forgotten what the real name is though). The mixed canned fruit is too sweet because they did not drain away the sugar syrup.

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