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Ichiban Sushi

Photos were taken more than two weeks ago at Ichiban Sushi (Parkway Parade).

Vegetable tempura. I really love this but Crystal told me that the tempura sauce may not be vegetarian! Next time need to check with the restaurant.

Vegetable tempura with curry rice. (We requested not to have the ebi tempura in this rice set). Very nice!

Ice cream. Forgotten what this is called exactly. That is banana tempura, in case you can’t figure it out from the blur picture. I love this so much more than the tempura ice-cream I tried previously.


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Zelda Styli

Hehehe.. I love this game so much that I insisted on buying matching Zelda styli on Xmas eve to use while playing this game. Hahahaha… Woo… Really love this NDS Zelda: Phantom Hourglass game.

Both styli are from those toy vending machines and it’s only $2 per capsule. They even come with Zelda logo mini screen cleaning pad. In fact, to get these styli, I actually have a mini “quest” myself. Actually, I saw the vending machines in IMM and Vivo City but at that time, my husband said “NO NEED” when I wanted to buy them. And at that time, I still haven’t bought the NDS game card, so I thought I might not like this game even though many game critics had rated this game highly. (I have been disappointed once before this with the Wii Warioware game.) After playing this game at night, I love this game so much that I HAVE TO GET THE STYLUS as well! Haha.. But since we wanted to shop at the Suntec City, I thought they would have vending machines selling Zelda styli too. Too bad, I can’t find any there. So on the way home, I was like pestering my husband to go to Vivo City. And of course his reply is as expected, “NO NEED”.

But after much pestering all the way in the car… here I am, proudly showing off my new styli! hahahaha…

Initially I like the Phantom Hourglass stylus because it looks so cute, but I found that it is quite uncomfortable to hold. So, I prefer using the Red Rupee stylus now. Wished I had bought more Zelda styli! Hehehee.. Maybe I’ll go to Vivo City again this weekend…

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Bought this Zelda game last night and was so happy with it. It’s so much fun using the stylus to play instead of pressing buttons and the story is interesting thus far.

I always read rave reviews about Zelda games from games website/forums but have not tried it so far as I am not interested with adventure games. But after playing this game, I want to buy the Wii Zelda (Twilight Princess) too. Hehehe… Trust me, the Phantom Hourglass is really a great DS game! 😉

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Hot lemon honey drink and Iced yun-yong. The lemon honey drink tasted exactly like the Panadol Cold & Flu Hot Remedy. Hahahahaha…

Toasts. Very nice! I love butter!!!

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Porridge from Mai Zhi Su (BB) for breakfast. Not bad, but just want to say, it’s not something I expected as porridge. I thought porridge would be “white” instead of this purplish porridge. I prefer porridge like the one I had in KL Traders Hotel.

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Have been to Ikea quite a number of times recently so these are what I’ve eaten during my visits there.

I’ve forgotten what that luminous green thing is called but just want to comment that it’s really too sweet.

As always, the vegetarian spaghetti and Daim cake again. Hahaha… I also tried the lemon jelly which my colleague recommended and was quite disappointed with it because I don’t really like soft jellies. I prefer konnyaku type of jellies. 😛

By the way, I just found out from Ikea’s website that there’s quite a few items that we can order when I was trying to find out the name of the green colored roll on the first picture. Click here for the vegetarian menu.

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Ice-cream Mochi

Cute-looking ice-cream mochi from the Japanese-styled fast food restaurant (Not sure what’s the name) in Far East Plaza. The mochi is very cold and hard initially but when it has slightly defrosted, it’s chewy like chewing gum. 😛

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