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Munchie Monkey (NUS)

Spaghetti. Because I want to lose weight, I had better avoid cream based pasta. So, this is my current favourite. 😛


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Mai Zhi Su (BB)

Spare rib rice. The sweet & salty sauce on the mock meat is tasty. I love strong tasty food, as usual. 😉

Cuttlefish kangkung. Althought the sauce is slightly watery compared to the version served in MZS(AMK), it is still delightful because it has a hint of lemon/lime. So, I would say both are equally good in their own way.

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Lunch @ Ikea

Mushroom cream.

Tomato spaghetti. Quite nice.

Chocolate mousse. Yummy.. hehe.. I love desserts

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Breakfast @ Delifrance

Waffle and egg. Good 🙂

Croissant with eggs. Very good! 🙂


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Mai Zhi Su (AMK)

Water cress soup. The water cress is not overcooked till yellowish. Nice and light.

Special sauce “pork rib”. The sauce is nice. However, they probably did not marinate the “pork rib” pieces long enough as the flavour from the sauce has not been absorbed into the “meat”.

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Bryani rice and curry

We ordered the vegetarian bryani and kadai panner at the Al-Ameen shop. Very delicious!!!

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CSI Dark Motives

I bought this game last Thursday and it is a really nice and tough game!!! I took four days to solve the first case, slightly frustrating. But, you’ll get a lot of satisfaction after completing it. 😉

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