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This morning YE3 taught me a new useful word…

Naruhodo means “I see”. Hehe.. Actually I first saw this word from this naruhodojapan.blogspot.com last night when I was looking for some info about the Nintendo DS software called Kanken 2. Hehe.. after reading some online reviews about how useful it is (first version of Kanken) for learning Kanji (although it is meant for students in Japanese schools), I decided to order one too! It’s only $54 including delivery.

I also bought the dictionary called Kanji sonomama DS Rakuhiku Jiten for $66. I read that it is very easy to use compared to the usual printed dictionary. Besides, the price is much cheaper than an electronic dictionary since I already have the NDS! πŸ˜‰

Hehe.. can’t wait to receive them and start my Japanese language self-study!

Oh yeah, I also learnt another funny Japanese word today.

倧丈倫 – these three Kanji words mean “great man” or “man” in Chinese (in which the words originated.) But in Japanese, this means “alright” or “OK”. Hahaha… By the way, it is read as “daijoubu” in Japanese.


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Hehe.. I learnt a very useful adjective today.

Isogashi (ζ€₯γŒγ—) = busy

Watashiwa isogashi desu (私はζ€₯γŒγ—γ§γ™)= I am busy.

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Otona no DS Kao Training

Hehe.. finally bought this face exercise game from Yesasia.

I guess this will motivate me to learn the Japanese language. Hehe.. at the very least I get to practise reading the instructions from this game. πŸ˜‰

P/S: Will update my blog again when the game arrives! Yeah!

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Sichuan Gung Pou Monkey Head Mushroom. This is very, very nice! The gravy is spicy and fragrant and the mushrooms are the best natural vegetarian meat.

Black pepper BBQ “pork”. This is also very delicious!!!

Other than these two dishes, we also ordered the Sambal Kangkung (our favorite!). think I’ll have a hard time deciding what to order the next time I visit this restaurant, wondering whether I should order these dishes again or try other dishes. And, we decided that we should order only two dishes instead because the portion of the dishes are quite large.

Total bill: $49 (includes all the above, 3 bowls of rice, and two drinks)

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I’m quite surprised that even Delifrance serves vegetarian food. Here’s what we ordered.

Tofu bolognaise. Edible, but sauce is too diluted.

Baked rice. Very tasty. πŸ™‚

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Animal Crossing

This game is really worth the money. It’s so CUTE!!! I used to wonder, “What’s so special about this game that it’s so popular everywhere??!!”. Then once, I’ve tried it, I’m addicted. Even my husband who initially think this game is quite stupid got addicted after trying this game. So nowadays, we are both fighting over to play it. πŸ˜›

Here’s some CUTE stuff:

1. A weasel named Lyle will always follow you and once you talk to him, he will force you to buy an insurance plan! If you refused, he’ll repeat the use of the insurance plan over again and again. So, in the end, you have to give in and buy insurance from him. Hehee.. as irritating as real world insurance agent.

2. You can build up your house and decorate it with the furniture you bought or collected from the recycle bin. Haha.. And best of all, if your friend is also sharing the game with you, he can help to pay off the house renovation loan since both of you are living in the same house.

3. You can design textile to be used as your umbrella, shirt, flooring, wallpaper. Click here for the Louis Vuitton, Burberry designs that Maggie from Maggie Market has made.

4. Collecting fossils, insects and fishes. It’s quite nice to try to achieve the full collection. Besides that, we can also buy painting from the “illegal” market. Then, we can donate it to the Museum. I’ve bought some forged paintings several times and have to sell it for only 10 bells and lost over 3000 bells. (The currency in AC world is bell).

5. Design constellations from the stars in the sky. Then the constellation will appear in the sky at certain months. (The game’s time follow the real world time).

6. Sometimes the town governer will organize Flea Market sale. That means your cute neighbours will visit your house and buy the stuff you displayed in the main hall of your house.

7. You’ll get presents from your neighbours who are best friends with you. I got a cake for my birthday from Aurora (the penquin). Hehehe…

Ok, that’s some of the cute stuff I can think of currently. πŸ˜‰

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Movies & Games

Actually I had wanted to write an update about this topic at three weeks ago but couldn’t find enough time.

Recently, I watched Rush Hour 3, Ratatouille and Evan Almighty. All are comedies, which I like a lot!!! πŸ˜€ No matter what people may say or think that I have bad taste for liking comedies, I don’t care. Life is too short to care about what others think about you. I just love these three movies!

After watching Ratatouille, I bought the Nintendo DS Ratatouille game for SGD 49. And guess what? I haven’t even found time to play the game after more than three weeks. The worse thing is, one week after I bought the game, I saw that the same shop has lowered the price to only SGD 37! I also bought the Brain Training 2 game after reading such good reviews for the first edition of the game. So far, I still prefer playing the Animal Crossing game I got for my birthday two months ago.

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