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Let me out !!

Last night, the cage’s top opening was left open as usual. Since the height of the cage is high enough (slightly higher even when they were standing up using only hind legs), we didn’t expect them to escape from the cage.

This morning, I stepped on some rabbit “diamonds” and I wondered why because they had never did that even when we let them out to roam around. Then, I went to the cage and was surprised that it was empty. I quickly check under the dining table and sofa. They were lying down flat under the sofa enjoying themselves! 😛

In order to make them go back to the cage, we tricked them using their favorite biscuits. Haha… This picture was taken after they had finished the biscuits and the top cover was closed. 😛


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I'm sooooo fast….

Actually the silly cat wasn’t running fast, but my phone’s camera has slow reaction time.. 😛

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It's confirmed!!!

Sammi’s coming on 13th Oct to Singapore for the concert!!!! Hahaha…
Booking can be done at Sistic.

I hope I can get a good seat.. Hehehehe… Keeping fingers crossed..

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Sammi – Show Mi CD+DVD

The CD for the Show Mi concert (with free Making Of.. DVD) will be released soon. I am trying to be as patient as possible and will not order it now. I will wait till either it is released locally or when the concert DVDs are out so that I can save on the shipping fees from online store. 🙂

Also, I read today that Sammi might be holding a concert in Singapore on October. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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Saw the pre-order for this new funny DS game at Yesasia (http://global.yesasia.com/en/ImageGallery.aspx/section-games/code-c/version-all/pid-1004916438/#selection). The player need to “exercise” his/her face according to the picture on the left screen. Seems so interesting…but, it is now only in Japanese language. I would have ordered it immediately if it is in English. Shall I start learning Japanese again? Haha….

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Tosai, prata, mashed potato, long beans.

Prata, mashed potato, pumpkin curry, ladies fingers.

@NUS Engineering Canteen. The food is cheap and good. They said their food vegetable curries are vegetarian. I love their prata very much because it has some crispy bits but they are not chewy at all. (Maybe because I eat them while they are still hot?)

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The food are very delicious but can be a little “weird”, like the spinach soup. The portion is very small too. I hardly felt full after finishing the whole meal.

Salad. Among all, the salad has the largest portion. I wonder whether they are trying to make us eat “healthily” or it’s because the salad is cheaper and easier to prepare? 😛

Braised spinach soup with fresh truffle. This is the first time I drank a soup that looks like floating moss/algae in water. Hahaha.. definitely weird.

Monkey head mushrooms with broccoli. I love this very much! Hehe… Yummy!!!

Homemade edamane beancurd topped with fresh button mushrooms. The tofu is greenish in color and it’s soft and smooth. Too bad that it’s just a very small piece. Maybe they want us to return for more so they made everything in such small portion.

Braised ee-fu noodles. My favourite cooking style for ee-fu noodles. Love it!

Dessert (Apricot with selaseh seeds and almond). Just OK.

Set menu for two. Total: $70++. I’d say it’s kinda expensive because everything is in such small portion.

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