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Saw a newspaper review yesterday about this new vegetarian restaurant situated next to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and we decided to give it a try. The ambience is good and deco looks cool too. We expected the to pay at least $50 for the meal but it turned out that the total bill is only around $37 since there’s a 10% discount (probably for opening promo).


Chrysanthemum tea ($5) and peanuts

Roasted suckling “pig” ($15)
This is so good that although the portion is really small, it’s still worth ordering. :P~~ Based on the price, this means every small piece is approximately $2. haha… The chef’s skill is so good that with every piece you eat, you’ll yearn for more. There’s some soft layer under the skin (mock fat layer) that complements the crispy skin so well. And best of all, you get to savour a traditional Chinese delicacy without guilt and harm done to baby pigs, and it’s also a much healthier choice for health-conscious people.

Tawainese-style spicy monkey head mushrooms ($9)
This dish is also good because the monkey head mushrooms’ texture and flavour are so much nicer than wheat gluten mock meat.

Fried e-fu noodles ($6)
I was a little disappointed with this because I was expecting braised type of e-fu noodles as I prefer soggy, soft, flavorful e-fu noodles. Frying makes the e-fu noodles slightly too chewy for my liking. Luckily, the tasty sambal saved the day.

Lychee jelly (complimentary dessert)


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Southern Place Vegetarian

Claypot tofu
Honey baked “ham”

These dishes are from the Southern Place Vegetarian restaurant (same as the one for Indian rojak).

The tofu is quite good, with various types of vegetables like the snow peas, cauliflower and button mushrooms.

The honey baked (mock) ham looks very good but I’ll rate it only a 6 out of 10. The “meat” is made from mushroom stems. I am not sure what the skin is made of but it is quite similar to roasted duck skin. It even have some slightly crunchy and chewy texture. However, the gravy for this honey baked “ham” is disappointing. It tasted exactly like the gravy from the claypot tofu. Obviously, the cook had used the same gravy and didn’t bother to make a gravy that could complement the honey baked “ham”. Since the “ham” is already slightly salty, and the gravy is also salty type, the gravy failed to bring out the flavour of the “ham”. A honey-like, sweet sauce would have been more suitable.

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Nasi lemak
Japanese meal (beef set)

We went to the Vegetarian Health Food restaurant for dinner again because I wanted to try the Japanese meal set that I saw a customer ordered during my last visit. Both the nasi lemak set and the Japanese meal set are very delicious! There are mock chicken, pork or beef set for the Japanese meal. Hehe.. Don’t ask me how could there be “chicken, pork and beef” since they are vegetarian meals. 😛

The sambal from the nasi lemak tasted just like how an authentic Malay sambal. It’s so good that I even dipped those crispy vegetable tempura on it. :P~~ Hehe… even while writing this now, I can’t help thinking about when I could return to get those mouth-watering sambal again!

Although this Japanese meal is very tasty, it is quite unlike the normal Japanese food that we get from local Japanese restaurant. The tempura batter seems a little different and it’s crispier and saltier than normal ones. Also, instead of miso soup, they serve seaweed soup.

P/S: Next time, I will try the “grilled sambal fish” meal set. The guy on the table next to us ordered it and it looks very good. Yum yum…

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Nasi Lemak

We went to a vegetarian restaurant at Geylang (forgotten the name, but it is a corner shop) for dinner last weekend. Since my favourite “chee cheong fun” is sold out, I ordered the nasi lemak. Although both meals look great, they are just so-so in taste. The sambal for the nasi lemak tasted very weird as it’s very unlike how non-vegetarian sambal tasted like. Instead, it has a “tau cheow” (fermented bean paste) taste. The fried rice for the western meal set is not so good too. However, the Indian rojak is very good. Freshly fried, it’s hot and crispy. The sweet and thick gravy is very good too!

Western meal set

Nasi Lemak

Indian rojak

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Very, very delicious!~~ YUMMY!!! (not a healthy choice but it’s okay to eat this once in a while… :P)

This vegetarian pork chop is from the vegetarian stall of the KouFu foodcourt in Woodlands. This stall offers quite a large variety of food. Besides this, it also sells my favourite fried udon and pineapple fried rice. We go to this stall almost daily for our dinner.

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Vegetarian Bryani

Vegetarian bryani from food court in Millenia Walk
It’s nice but the portion is too big for one person. Hardly any room for desserts after eating that. Haha.. (but, I still managed to stuff in half a Hershey’s Sundae Pie)

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Hehe… this is the third time I’m back for more Char Siew! :P~~ Yum Yum…
Other than its mouth-watering Char Siew, this shop also offers the sweet & salty soya sauce stir-fried mock meat. It tasted exactly like how my grandmother used to make them using sliced pork. Hehe… this shop is definitely a godsend to vegetarians like me who still misses meat dishes occassionally. So far, I had resisted temptation to eat meat by picturing the suffering animals on my mind whenever I craved those dishes. Now, I really do not have to even think about those dishes when I can easily visit this restaurant and eat all I want without feeling guilty. 😀

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