Is Santa coming yet?


Pasta for dinner

Still do not want to eat any rice after two and a half weeks of avoiding it. So, it’s pasta again for dinner.

From top to bottom: Spaghetti with asparagus and onions in tomato sauce, soya milk, and peanut glutinous rice balls.

Mushroom bruschetta

Slightly soft but still tasty, homemade bruschetta

Breakfast at Changi Airport’s foodcourt and in-flight meal.

Arrived at Hong Kong international airport at around noon
and bought the Three international roaming SIM card o use in HK.
It’s only HKD 98. Data usage is charged HKD 2 per MB and capped at
HKD 28 per day. Inserted the new SIM card right away at the airport
and took the airport shuttle bus A41 to my hotel at Shatin.

P/S: I used the iPhone app called Trip Journal to logged the places
visited. 🙂



A friend said this biscuit is very nice so I went to try. But really disgusting. It’s really salty.